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Dinner 12

Date: Saturday, 29th November, 2003

Place: Mu Kung Hwa Korean Restaurant, Glebe

Guest Speaker: Greg Florimo, NRL Sporting Personality

“Welcome to the Lee Folk Club” proclaimed the computer printout on the front door. And that’s all the restaurant got wrong. Everything else was just terrific. We dined in a spacious upstairs venue with a balcony giving a dramatic view of the city and a large bar area for our traditional pre-dinner Phantom cocktails. Usually after the cocktails there are four or five bottles left. On this occasion … two.

The service was exceptional (Bronwyn asked for a screwdriver to replace Sy’s art in its frame and the waiter just did the whole job) and the food was first class and plentiful.

With a mix of old members and new ones the noise of chatter was deafening for most of the evening so that I often gave up drawing Lucky Door Prizes and just plonked a bottle on some deserving soul’s table.

We welcomed several new Members including Philip Connole of Canberra (who found us on the Web), Jason Frazer (a new addition to Phantom cover artists) and Michael Chugg, who singlehandedly increased the value of Phantom ties at auction (thanks Michael!) and donated two premium seats to the Robbie Williams – Duran Duran concert which yours truly is in hock for thanks to my domineering wife. Other auction donors include Dominic Kelly who scored Sy’s wonderful piece, René White and Catherine Rees. The Antonio Lemos print was won by Simon Turnbull, a worthy and patient recipient. Simon comes to every Dinner, makes little fuss, never complains and always has a great time. (Next Dinner I’m getting Tony to put the same drug in everyone’s champagne.) Thanks to all of you! We raised almost $2,000 for the Children’s Hospital.

A major event of the evening was the induction of Bryan Shedden into our Club’s Hall of Fame. This is a new innovation. The Dictators felt that we should recognise those who donate so much of their own time and resources to our common interest. Bryan was the natural first choice. His Deep Woods web site, a gigantic labour of love, draws together the whole world of the Phantom into one place. It has become indispensable.

Daniel Fry was unable to attend and in his place came young Harry Roden, Arabella’s brother. Harry’s skill at selling raffle tickets far exceeded anything we’ve seen before and he looks like being a regular. Richard Jones, a previous Guest Speaker, was in hospital and so his daughter Louise accompanied wife Lynette.

Greg Florimo entertained us with a lighthearted speech before the auction, in which Tony once again excelled, ably assisted by his pixie assistant, the bouncy Gerry Forliano.

Another great evening. Thanks to all who came and thanks for your encouragement and suggestions.

See you next time!


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