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Dinner 13

Date: Saturday, 3rd July, 2004

Place: Walker's Café, North Sydney

Guest Speaker: Not this time...

Walker’s Café has been a suggested venue since our Club’s inception and it turned out to be worth the wait. Spacious, friendly, superb food and with a Phantom motif … well, what else would you want?

I had a few concerns in the afternoon when Tony excused himself owing to his father’s illness (a Dinner without Tony! How would I cope?) and then, fifteen minutes later when I was contacted by a Guest Speaker debilitated by a virus. I was already debilitated myself having fallen off my bike a couple of hours earlier and torn an intercostal muscle as well as wrecked my left wrist. Thank God for the Baggses or the wine would never have made it from the car to the Café.

But I have since decided it was Lee Falk’s way of telling me, “It’s time for a change!” So, instead of a Guest Speaker I contacted Steve Panozzo, caricaturist supreme, who spent the evening doing Phantom caricatures of Members willing to part with $25 for the Children’s Hospital, and there were plenty. Thanks, Steve! You made the Dinner that much more fun.

We welcomed a couple of new Members. Xanthia Boardman is a particularly welcome addition to our Membership and we were happy to see Phillip Connole, Julia Lederwasch and Larissa Fry join us again. Welcome also to Mark Chrimes, recruited by Dominic Kelly.

The raffle was particularly interesting. Daniel, Harry and Arabella excelled themselves by selling ALL seventy five tickets for the first time and doing it by 9.30. Initially, Daniel thought we might auction ticket #13 but when he was offered $13 for it he accepted. This particularly upset Jackie Edmunds who, unbeknownst to anyone, had been prepared to pay big bucks for it if auctioned. She was really peeved.

But in keeping with a great Dinner, guess what? … she won the damn thing anyway! Her husband Barry secured the Magnum so the Edmundses went away happy.

Special thanks are also due to:

Berin Denham, particularly for the computer generated Lee Falk portrait made from a collage of every Frew cover up to that week. This has found a home on Frew’s office wall. I think Jim knew he had to have it and no-one else was really in with a chance.

Dietmar Lederwasch, for donating yet another print as well as the magnificent Magnum of wine.

Gerry Forliano for taking over as solo auctioneer most successfully.

Richard Lindner, who sent up another dozen of his finest vintages. We hope Richard will deliver them personally at a future Dinner.

Glenn Ford, for donating artwork and providing multiple colour photocopies of his “Phantom Landmarks” artwork found on the wall at Walker’s Café (see Dinner #13 Photos).

Stephen and Violeta Baggs for pre-Dinner assistance and being fun houseguests.

Daniel, Harry and Arabella for being great kids and helping to raise over $1,000 for less fortunate kids.

Finally, congratulations to Bryan and Fiona Shedden. We look forward to the arrival of Kit or Heloise Shedden later in the year!


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