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Dinner 9

Date: Saturday, 20th April, 2002

Place: Emad's Lebanese Restaurant, 298 Cleveland St, Surry Hills

Guest Speaker: Tony Bonner, Actor

Honesty would compel me to admit that this Dinner was almost a disaster and probably the worst so far. However, most people didn't realise it so I'll be dishonest and tell you that it was another grand success.

Because of the last minute arrival of Daniel Zachariou and his entourage of Comicfest artists, writers and actors we found ourselves in two adjacent rooms with a common wall running half their length and a small mezzanine room overseeing all … not conducive to the Dictatorial control generally enjoyed by Richard and Tony. This is no criticism of our overwhelming and overwhelmed guests … they had a great time and they enjoyed themselves without exception (see photos).

The Lebanese cuisine at Emad's was bounteous and tasty. The wine flowed copiously and the Guest Speaker, esteemed Australian actor Tony Bonner, star of Skippy et al, was barely audible.

It was all a bit Moulin Rougeísh … lots of noise and colour and organised confusion.

We must make a special mention of Vëronica Taylor, the voice of Pokémon's Ash, whose generosity of spirit and genuine interest in the youngsters present that evening was appreciated by all.

The belly dancer, an unexpected delight, although we should have foreseen her appearance, caused Richard to behave disgracefully (see photos) and so the whole episode is best forgotten.

Roll on #10!


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